Owner & Founder

 After a lifetime of distance running and years of Ashtanga yoga, Jessie turned to Pilates in the late 90s after finding it to be the most efficient, foundational form of exercise there is, emphasizing not just strength and flexibility, but overall balance, structure and body awareness.


In 2008, Jessie became a certified Pilates instructor through STOTT, regarded as one of the oldest and preeminent Pilates certifying bodies nationally. She has been teaching Pilates and other forms of group fitness for twelve years. Her coursework over the years has included anatomy training, postural analysis, back care, pelvic floor engagement and overall body mechanics. In 2017, she transitioned exclusively to apparatus training, which includes the reformer, tower, Cadillac, Pilates chairs and jump boards.  Her teaching philosophy is “move now,” regardless of one’s shape, mobility level or size—and refine as you go. Perfection comes with time, consistency and dedicated practice. When she’s not helping clients look and feel their best, Jessie stays busy raising her two wonderful daughters.