Fundamental Reformer

Essential for beginners. Also great for those with limited mobility and strength, or for more experienced clients who want a refresher in the basics. Clients will learn core Pilates principles such as proper breathing, alignment, stabilization, eccentric versus concentric movement while getting a fantastic workout in which every muscle is worked.

Fundamental Tower Strength

Essential for beginners. The Tower is a vertical frame connected to one end of the Reformer to which springs, bars and loops set to various tension loads are attached. Emphasizes precision of movement, body awareness, flexibility, spinal mobility and abdominal training.

Flow Reformer

Not appropriate for beginners. Smooth, fluid movements set to a chill playlist in which flexibility, lighter resistance, and high repetition sequences are emphasized (i.e. the class you do when you want to work out but not kill yourself). Warning: “Flow” does not mean easy.

Fire Reformer

Not appropriate for beginners. Faster twitch movements set to a bangin' playlist in which strength building, heavier resistance, high repetition sequences including jumpboards and planking are emphasized (i.e. the class you do when you gotta go hard).

Core Power

Not appropriate for beginners. A trunk-centric workout emphasizing not only the abdominals (obliques, transverse, rectus), but the spine, pelvic floor and hip flexors. Expect planking galore.