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Private sessions are fantastic for everyone, from Pilates beginners to injured or special populations to seasoned athletes.


The goal with Private training is to develop an exercise program specific to the client's needs, regardless of where they are on the fitness spectrum.


 We first have a discussion of the client's needs and goals. We then analyze posture and movement patterns. We then develop a program around those patterns. The objective for all Private clients is to maintain or restore flexibility, strength, muscle balance, proprioception (body awareness) and overall fitness, in that order.


It can take years to develop movement dysfunction so can take an equally long time to de-program the body of the dysfunction. In other words, Pilates training, particularly for those dealing with physical limitations, is not a quick fix. But with consistency, time and effort, a life can change. It no longer hurts as much to move. We witness this metamorphosis in our clients all the time and it is incredible.

Privates are purchased here but must be scheduled by contacting the studio directly at speakeasypilates at gmail dot com. 

  • *Intro Private*

    Open to new clients only. Limit one per customer.
    Valid for one month
    • Private Pilates Training for New Clients
  • 1 Private Session

    Valid for one month
    • Private Pilates Training
  • 4-Pack Privates

    4 one-on-one private sessions
    Valid for 2 months
    • Private Pilates Training
  • 8-Pack Privates

    8 one-on-one private sessions
    Valid for 4 months
    • Private Pilates Training
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