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How I DIY'd my own Pilates balance pole

We do a lot of standing work on the reformer, which requires balance and coordination. It can be scary to move on a sliding platform elevated off the ground!

I'd been searching for some kind of pole to help clients balance when performing some of the more more complicated exercise moves.

I found the Balanced Body Gondola Pole. It's a 5 feet tall hard maple pole equipped with rubber ends to prevent it from slipping on the floor. At $70 a pop, I figured there must be something extra special about these poles. I ordered two for the studio.

When the poles came in, I was struck by how simple they are--basically a wooden dowel with rubber tips. I wondered if I could recreate my own from Lowes for less money.

Sure enough, I went to Lowes and tracked down two 1.25" diameter x 72" long poplar dowel for $10 each. Poplar isn't as heavy as maple, but the maple pole wasn't that heavy to begin with so I figured the weight difference is negligible.

I then ordered these 1.25" diameter chair leg tips for $12. I popped them on the ends of the poles and they fit perfectly.

Viola: I now have two great balance poles that cost $16 each compared to the $70 version. And my DIY version works great! It's longer than the Balanced Body version .... which is actually better for taller clients. The verdict: Clients love it! They love the Balanced Body Gondola poles too, but they don't know how much money I've saved!

Consider DIYing it like I did if you're in the market for a Pilates balance pole!

how to recreate your own pilates balance pole for a lot less money
How I DIY'd Balanced Body's $70 Gondola Pilates Pole for a mere $16 each.


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