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How I fixed my new but janky Stott V2 Max reformer

If you’ve come to Speakeasy in the last month or so, you’ve probably heard me complain about my brand new Stott V2 Max reformer.

The wheel shredded from my new Stott V2 Max reformer
How common is wheel shredding on new Stott V2 Max reformers?

My janky Stott V2 Max reformer made weird clicking sounds whenever clients laid on it. And the studio floor was sprinkled with little black shavings after each use, indicating a part was rubbing on something the wrong way. Not what you want from an $8,000 piece of equipment! 

malfunctioning Stott V2 Max reformer
The wheel shredding on my new malfunctioning Stott V2 Max reformer doesn't look good!

I finally couldn’t take it anymore and called Merrithew, the maker of the Stott V2 Max reformer. They asked me to email photos and videos of the machine in use and promptly sent me a new frame for the underside of the reformer and a new set of wheels. The plastic coating around the old wheels appeared to be shredding (not sure why…maybe it was a bad batch of wheels?), leaving debris in the rails. The build-up of debris caused the clicking.

Have any Pilates studio owners out there reading this experienced something similar? I wonder how common this is in new Stott V2 Max reformers. 

A friend and I disassembled the machine and swapped out the old frame and wheels for the new ones. It was kind of a pain but not terrible. 

And now the Stott V2 Max reformer works like a dream! No clicking sounds, no shavings on the floor, just smooth rolling back and forth on the carriage like what you’d expect from these fabulous machines. 

Thanks to Merrithew for not making this too arduous and for sending the new parts right away, no questions asked! These truly are the best reformers out there. I own 4 and this is the only one that’s ever given me a hint of a problem.

See you at Speakeasy! Hopefully on the new, better-than-before Stott V2 Max reformer.

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