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Is squatting good for you?

You already know it's a staple of every gym class but can squatting make a difference in in your overall well-being?

Yes! Researchers at Chinese and U.S. universities collaborated in 2002 to look at the prevalence of arthritis of the hip in elderly people in China and the United States.

The study found that the occurrence of arthritic hip pain in Chinese men and women was 80 to 90 percent lower than for their American counterparts.

Why? Genetics surely play a role but also too is the way the Chinese use their bodies on a daily basis. Western culture prioritizes sitting but in many cultures, squatting is as common as sitting in a chair.

Regular squatting keeps your hips supple and flexible which in turn helps your lower back . It also allows you to practice good ankle range of motion, which in turn helps with balance and stabilization.

You might not realize it but you already squat everyday. Every time you sit in a chair or on a toilet, you're squatting.

Now try to do it with no chair or restroom present and see how low you can go. Your back and hips will thank you for it.

If squatting is good enough for Marilyn Monroe, it's good enough for clients at Speakeasy Pilates in Lexington, VA.


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