Great for those who are new to the reformer, who prefer one-on-one training, or who are dealing with specific limitations and seek a more personalized, rehabilitative approach.

Ideal for those who like working out with up to two other people, who don't mind working out with someone new, and want to get the most bang for their Pilates buck. 


The Reformer is similar to Mat Pilates in that it’s excellent for improving overall strength, flexibility, core stability, coordination and balance, but with an additional strength training component. And, no, it’s not your imagination—the Reformer does resemble a scary torture device upon first glance! But rest assured, the Reformer is your friend.


For starters, you get to do the exercises laying down for at least some of the workout. Can’t beat that! Secondly, unlike lifting weights, in which the weight itself plus gravity make for resistance, tension on the Reformer comes primarily from the front and back end of the machine. This challenges muscles and one's balance in fresh, innovative ways and at all different angles. These different points of resistance means greater emphasis on eccentric movement—lengthening of muscle fibers under load. Eccentric conditioning is what gives muscles that lean, sculpted look.


Beyond that, the Reformer is regarded as foundational fitness by improving body awareness, efficiency of movement and overall posture. All bodies can benefit from the Reformer, no matter age, mobility, ability or size. Looking forward to seeing YOUR body at The Speakeasy.



Jessie Knadler, Founder & Owner

After a lifetime of distance running and years of Ashtanga yoga, Jessie turned to Pilates in her mid 20s after finding it to be the most efficient, foundational form of exercise there is, emphasizing not just strength and flexibility, but overall balance, structure and body awareness.


In 2008, Jessie became a certified Pilates instructor through STOTT, regarded as one of the oldest and preeminent Pilates certifying bodies nationally. She has been teaching Pilates and other forms of group fitness for more than thirteen years. Her coursework over the years has included anatomy training, postural analysis, back care, pelvic floor engagement and body mechanics. In 2017, she transitioned exclusively to apparatus training, which includes the Reformer, Tower, Cadillac, Pilates chairs and jump boards.  Her teaching philosophy is “move now,” regardless of where you're at—and refine as you go. Perfection comes with time, consistency and dedicated practice. When she’s not helping clients look and feel their best, Jessie is a writer, editor and podcaster (launching 2022) and stays busy raising two wonderful daughters.

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Pilates Reformer is hands down my favorite form of exercise I've ever done. I leave each session with Jessie feeling energized and empowered. She explains each move carefully and her killer soundtracks make the time fly by. 


I like taking Pilates Reformer classes from teachers who have a lot of experience. Jessie and Kristen are very well trained and have decades of experience under their belts. I feel totally safe and comfortable in their hands.


Jessie is knowledgeable, supportive, and caring as an instructor and person. I ‘talk-up’
the studio to anyone who might be interested in Reformer Pilates. You will not regret booking a lesson!

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Speakeasy Pilates is housed in a former gambling den in the way back of

Center of Gravity Yoga Studio.


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